Fasting enough, science has become a healthy, happy living movement and is being strongly discouraged in all parts of the world.

Do you know the great scientist Albert Einsten, the legendary pop queen Michael Jachson, the famous former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, former CEO of Walt Disney’s name, Michael Eisner, and many other well-made sage Vegetarian. Why is that?

Albert Einstein: “There is no benefit to health and human life expectancy on this earth by the Veggie School”

Obviously, with the diversity of the animals, people are enjoying a lot of the tasty and attractive tastes of the meat dishes. But, there are now many people who abandon those tribes to choose a pure and non-animal diet. What are the benefits of fasting?

Firstly, fasting is suitable according to body composition

First of all, the human tooth is specially composed like the teeth of the herbaceous feeding animals, which are skillfully created to crush and crush food.

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The structure of jaw and jaw bones helps chewing according to the movement horizontally and laterally. In contrast, the predator has a very sharp canine, but there is no molars and jaw bones. Therefore, when eating meat, they only tear and swallow always, not chewing.

Moreover, the hand of men without sharp claws should only be used to pick up vegetables and fruits, while carnivorous animals have a very sharp and very strong claws to lure and tear meat.

Also, in the digestive part of the animal that eats vegetables and humans compared to carnivorous animals is the intestinal difference. The creation gave the privilege that the carnivorous predator was only about three times as long as the body length, while the gastrointestinal tract of human species and fruit and vegetable feeding species was about 10 times as long.

Therefore, the residue in the intestines of carnivorous animals will be excreted more quickly. Meanwhile, they will stay in the intestines of human species and for longer herb feeding animals. Therefore, the opportunity to produce more toxins in the process of digestion in people who eat meat.

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Secondly, fasting for health and increasing life expectancy

Some of the ants believe that vegan food will not be able to compensate the required protein deficiency in the human body. Some others assume that vegetable proteins do not have a similar personality to replace animal proteins. Then the buffalo, cows, horses, elephants… Eat meat but still have the full range of protein and always healthy, even the body is even bigger than other animals

In fact, the protein consists of 22 amino acids, of which only 8 are necessary for the needs of the human body and both have a full container in grains and legumes. Sometimes the number is more than the meat-processed food.

We can compare 100g of beef with 20g of protein, 100g cheese containing 25g and soy 100g contains up to 34g protein…

A study by Dr. Fred Stare-Harvard University and Dr. Marvyn Hardinge – Loma Linda University by comparing the two groups of vegetarians and carnivorous. The results show that, if adequate eating, the quality of the Amino acids in their bodies doubles the needs.

Mr. T. Colin Campbell, a chemical biologist, is currently the director of Cornell’s research agency-China-Oxford revealed that “eating low-fat as instructed by the U.S. Health and Nutrition agency is also not sure to be able to prevent the terminally ill. It is essential that we have to be vegetarian with protein food but not less nutritious. “

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Vegetarians are good for health.

Thirdly, vegetarians help the gentle, peaceful

Obviously, horses, elephants, cattle and other vegetable-fed animals are more gentle and close to the tiger, bears, wolves… Even so many people who love dogs sometimes bite their master again.

The process of giving birth or hunting also causes the human and predator to become brutal and more fierce. Flesh and blood animals also contain more stimulants than herbs that should be human and predator susceptible to agitation.

On the contrary, vegans with food are vegetables, cereals and fruit are usually more gentle in mind. The consumption of food from nature also makes vegetarians a sense of tranquility and peace.

Moreover, the animals as well as human beings, they know the pain, fear of death. They felt that the moment was about to be slaughtered, and screaming in the bar, I insisted not to step away, and the imcapacity that tears.

We all feel pain when it is broken, bleeding, then how the pain will be very extreme if the neck is cut, secretory… Therefore, fasting helps people to present love for all species, increasing the heart and selflessness. The mind is quiet and comfortable.

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The former American punched hand, Mike Tyson, one of the most famous sporting figures of all time has revealed in a television show that thanks to the school vegetarian diet that he has reduced “the crazy” in temperaments and become the living responsible to family and more socially.

Fourth, vegetarian to the better World

In the period 2011-2013 estimates the number of people hungry in the world is 842 million. Actually, is the world lacking in food so the new situation?

Dr. Aarol Altshul, in the Protein: Their Chemistry and Politics (Protein: Chemistry and politics) wrote: “If we use an acre land area (4046m2) to cultivate colored flowers that provide food for vegetarians, we will be given an output of 20 times if the land is used To raise animals for meat.

Now in the United States, half the land area for cultivation is used to produce cattle food. I think that if the whole land cultivated on this globe was used to produce the agriculture for mankind, we would be able to fully supply food for 20 billion of the world’s population with ease. “

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Today, fasting is no longer the habit of eating the silver protein of the nuns. Fasting enough, science has become a healthy, happy living movement and is being strongly discouraged in all parts of the world.

M.eng. Tran Luong Thuan

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