Veggie food gives you the delicious, but still full of substances, but also good for your health. Besides, vegan restaurants often have a quiet and peaceful space to make you relax and put away the sorrow. Let’s check out these delicious vegan restaurants.

Golden Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Full days of vegan or vegetarian meals can be reached by the Golden Lotus Restaurant. The restaurant has a cozy and peaceful atmosphere so you can also find here to relax after malaise and pressure.

The restaurant’s dishes are varied, not just boiled vegetables but also have more appetizers and more attractive as grilled mushrooms, fruit spring rolls,… There are also Thai dishes such as Thai hotpot, stir-fried tofu with delicious and round taste.

Ba Lá Vegetarian Restaurant

If you want to eat vegetarian delicacies like cooked mother, you can come to Ba be vegetarian restaurant. You will be immediately impressed with the restaurant from the outside, looking like a country house in the middle of the lavish city. The green fence, the hanging out of the gates as a sign, enters the bar you will see the tables made from the bamboo just as peaceful.

Dish Restaurant is also diverse and delicious especially lotus salad here eat very delicious, sweet blend with the sour taste and chili flavor create delicious taste can resist just want to make up.

ROU Vegetarian Restaurant

If you want to eat vegetarian dishes but not merely vegetarian Vietnamese, ROU Vegetarian Restaurant is an ideal place for you. With a varied menu of colors and different styles of water, you can comfortably enjoy as Thai papaya salad, Hong Kong fried rice, fried noodles Singapore,… and its own flavors such as ROU rice, ROU spring rolls, ROU soup cake,… Each decorative cone is very meticulously demonstrated the restaurant’s subtleties in each dish.

Vegetarian dishes that range in color look fresh and eye-catching

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Veggie Restaurant Here & Now

Veggie Restaurant Here & Now in ancient style so the space here has a peaceful and softer part elsewhere. But the restaurant is not only vegetarian Vietnamese but the Thai vegetarian dishes are also delicious. The stir-fried rice noodles have a sweet and sour taste with large and tough tofu, and the strange taste is delicious. But there is no place to get a car, you can leave your car by the temple and enjoy the food.

Veggie Restaurant Here & Now more cute with angles like this

Decorate the Buddha in the restaurant space, making the vegetarian more pure

BioGarten Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant

BioGarten Restaurant with contemporary style and traditional touches creates a luxurious atmosphere for the restaurant. The blue patches are placed in the restaurant creating a cool space and especially the lake is designed to make the highlights just create a peaceful space when coming here.

Vegetarian dishes of the restaurant are also varied and are very well-tasted. Especially, the lower floor of the restaurant is a vegetarian supermarket, so you can buy some kind of vegetarian on homemade.

Mandala Vegetarian Restaurant

If you want to find a Tibetan-style restaurant or vegetarian dishes that taste unique and exotic, then the Mandala Vegetarian Restaurant is a place where you can refer to this. From the decorations and spaces of the quaint Tibetan style. To the dish is also only vegetarian dishes made from vegetables but the processing is in individual style so the vegetarian cuisine of the restaurant has a taste.

A Tibetan-style vegetarian Restaurant

Veggie Saigon-Vegetarian & Coffee Restaurant

Coming to Veggie Saigon you will be satisfied with the space and dishes of the restaurant. The cave space is quite cozy with the peace as other vegan restaurants. The restaurant’s dishes are carefully prepared and in addition to the decoration with eye-catching colors, so when trying to feel like admiring the artwork is made from chef’s hand.

Vegetarian dishes but very unique and delicious

Hsinchu Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant is located in the quiet area of the 10th District, the area is not too crowded as the center area so there is a quiet space suitable for the pure meals. The restaurant’s food was very nice and delicious. In particular, the restaurant also has a private room for those who have a party or group that needs a private space. Besides, the price of the restaurant is quite soft, so do not worry.

Vegetarian dishes made from vegetables are always recommended to keep the color very fresh

Phuong Mai Vegetarian Restaurant

Chay Phuong Mai Restaurant has delicious Vietnamese vegetarian dishes, with bold cuisine of homeland. The dish is beautifully decorated with the natural colour of the fresh ingredients, so create a strange attraction for the dish. In addition, the restaurant also has combo options so you can enjoy a variety of delicacies but also save more calls. Also when booking via TableNow you will be dropped for a 65k breakfast combo of only 38k.

Vegan pancake is an indispensable dish in the restaurant’s vegetarian menu

Delicious vegan tofu with fresh water

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Sen-Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant has a rustic style as its own name. Chay Sen Restaurant not only has rustic dishes such as lotus or Lotus soup, but also many other delicacies especially the egg braised meat. Because it is vegetarian so the meat here is a very tasty tofu and a wedge.

The rice is wrapped in lotus leaf, but it is vegetarian but a very good combination

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