Fasting not only contributes to the sustainability of food sources, but also brings great health benefits.

If you have an unsettled measure, it is advisable to switch to a diet made from vegetables, then the undeniable benefits of fasting eating that blogger Jen Miller can give are sufficient to help you do not feel striated.

Vegan diets can improve your fitness

According to Jen Miller, “many athletes, from tennis stars to the bodybuilding champions, are all following a vegetarian diet to improve achievement.” It is because the diet from the plant is said to bring people “more energy, less aches and good for health”.

Julieanna Hever, the book author of plant-rich nutrition, also confirmed that the mobility of the diet with faster recovery speeds can maximize the workout to improve achievement.

Fasting supports weight loss

Fasting is a safe, effective method of weight loss-PHOTO: GETTY

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Weight loss can be seen as the direct result of fasting or vegan food, as that these diets “tend to reduce the tolerance of fats, and vegetarians tend to feed on many unsaturated fat parts More saturated fats than non-vegetarians. The benefit of weight loss support of fasting has also been demonstrated in many scientific studies, with the recognition that the body mass of the vegetarians consistently decreases more than those who choose other diets.

Vegetarians with little migraine

No one wants to suffer from migraine, the disease can be irritated by food. Jen explained: “Most people who suffer from migraine headaches are strongly advised to have a number of stimuli such as chocolate, cheese and alcohol. However, a group of researchers have just discovered that dieting from plants and low-fat can be beneficial for the sick. In this study, 42 people with migraines were randomly selected to either follow vegetarian diets, or placebo supplements within 26 weeks. The recorded results show that those who follow vegetarian diets significantly reduce the pain, as well as body weight and cholesterol levels “.

Vegetarians can be happier and less stressed

Science has proven that vegan diets can help people solve their stress and anxiety. Jen Miller reiterated a 2015 study when participants were surveyed on mood, diet and lifestyle factors, thereby detecting correlations between a healthy vegetarian diet with lower anxiety levels.

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“This may be due to the high content of arachidonic acid diet, omega-6 saturated fats,” Jen Miller writes and adds another study, of which 39 followers of meat diets are divided into 3 groups. The group eats fish, meat and poultry every day. The second group eats fish from 3 to 4 times per week, but does not eat meat and poultry. The third group of vegans should avoid all kinds of meat, fish and poultry. “After 2 weeks, the results show that the mood scores are unchanged for people who eat meat and fish, but the vegetarians have a dramatically improved mood score.”

Vegetarian diet helps balance hormones

Hormones control most of the main functions of the body, which include hunger, reproduction, emotion and mood. Jen writes: “Hormones like oestrogen can also be responsible for causing breast cancer if the concentration is too high”. She explains that animal fats are thought to increase oestrogen levels, while people who choose diet from plants are more binding sex hormone (SHBG) globulin. This suggests that vegetarian diets can control the amount of hormones, making sure that they are not too high.

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Vegan diet gives you great skin

Vegetarian diet for healthy, non-acne facial skin

The Kitavan archipelago of Papua New Guinea has beautiful skin that is spotless, attributed to diet. People here mostly live thanks to food from low-fat plants, not over-processed, so scientists believe that there is a correlation between diets with non-acne skin by people here.

Research also proves that dairy products can result in acne, as well as canned foods related to high glycemic index, but vegetarian diets eliminate both this and also improve the skin to help bright white skin More.

Vegan food less likely to have body odor

Jen explained: “The smell of the body is influenced by what the sweat glands secreted, especially in our axillary regions. These lines are designed to help us eliminate toxins from the body. The toxins that we exhaust through the sweat glands create body odor, so the food that we eat is directly impact to the smell of our body. Red meats are said to be the leading cause of body odor, other “crime foods” including processed foods that are lacking in fiber and are made from raw materials that have passed the processing process, such as white flour, hydrogenated oils, and more sugar. These are the forms of food usually not in the vegetarian diet.

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Vegetarians who have low BMI

As we all know, having a healthy BMI will increase your chances of living healthy and life expectancy, reducing the risk of developing various dangerous diseases including heart disease, stroke, bone joint problems such as osteoporosis, and a multitude of cancers. And according to various studies, BMI of vegetarians always have lower average indicators than those who choose other diets.

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